1. Does NEMO assist me in rebuilding my home after it is damaged by a storm?

If your home is damaged by a natural or manmade disaster, you should contact NEMO at 784-456-2975 or click here to fill out an online damage form. NEMO staff will come and assess the damage, then the assessment is passed on to the Department of Housing. NEMO does not provide financial compensation or building supplies.

2.There is a tree growing over my roof that I feel is a hazard. Can NEMO come and cut it for me?

NEMO does not come and provide landscaping service. A concern of this nature is handled by the Forestry department. They can be reached at 784-457-8594.

3. A recent storm has caused a landslide that blocks a road in my community. Can NEMO come clear the road?

A report will be taken by NEMO staff and the information will be passed to BRAGSA. NEMO does not clear roads.

4. Where is the emergency shelter nearest to me?

Call NEMO at 784-456-2975 and ask for information on the shelters nearest to you. You can also click here to see a list of shelters.