The function of the National Emergency Management Office, with respect to emergencies, can conveniently be divided into five categories:

Informing: The development and dissemination of information, which will enhance the capability of the individual or the private organisation to cope with emergencies, to get help when needed.

Warning: The analysis and forecasting of the nature of potential hazards.

Co-ordinating: The development of systems to enable resources to be effectively applied to emergencies.

Providing: The provision and maintenance, when necessary, of extraordinary resources as well as the diversion of normal resources to meet emergency needs.

Evaluating: The review of the performance of the organisation with a view to its improvement.


  • NEMO works to prepare the people in SVG to prevent disasters, mitigate against disasters, be better prepared for disasters, respond effectively to save lives and property in times of disasters and to rebound in the shortest time possible following any disaster.
  • NEMO supervises all major emergency responses.
  • NEMO is the lead agency for matters related to Disaster Management.