Strong local earthquakes may cause tsunamis.
FEEL the ground shaking severely?
DROP COVER HOLD and then RUN to higher ground

  • SEE      

As a tsunami approaches shorelines, the ocean may pull back from the coastline significantly, exposing the ocean floor, reefs and fish.
SEE an unusual disappearance of water?
RUN to higher ground

  • HEAR  

A roar like an oncoming train or plane may be heard as a tsunami rushes toward the shore.
HEAR the roar?
RUN to higher ground

  • RUN  

Don't wait for official evacuation orders.
Immediately leave low-lying coastal areas e.g. beaches.
Do not try to surf the tsunami.
Move inland to higher ground.
RUN if you see a tsunami coming!

Never go down to the beach to watch for a tsunami. 

During a tsunami :

  • If you detect signs of a tsunami evacuate and move to higher ground at once.
  • If possible, stay tuned to a radio, or television or log on to the SRC website at www.uwiseismic.com to get the latest emergency information.
  • Never go down to the beach to watch for a tsunami. If you can see the wave, you are already too close to outrun it. /
  • A tsunami is not a single wave, but a series of waves that can come ashore for hours. The first wave may not be the largest. Stay out of danger areas until an all-clear is issued by a recognized authority e.g. your local disaster management office.
  • If you detect signs of a tsunami move immediately to higher ground!