Model guidance is indicting an increase in moisture levels as of tonight, up to the end of this forecast period (Tuesday night). Despite the increase tonight, only a few showers are forecast in some areas. 

Tomorrow afternoon into Tuesday, an east- southeasterly wind flow pattern coupled with a deep low to the north of the island chain will dominate the weather pattern across Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. For such, showers are forecast from Sunday afternoon with instability lingering into early Tuesday morning.

Model guidance is indicating the possibility of approximately 2 to 3 inches (50mm- 75mm) of rainfall accumulations across SVG from Sunday night into Monday night. Improvement is forecast to take place around Tuesday.

Light and variable winds will increase tomorrow, becoming approximately 30km/h and generally from the east- south east. Seas are to remain slight to moderate in open waters with swells  peaking to 2.5m. However, deterioration is forecast around Sunday night, with swells peaking to 3.0m. A warning may be issued.

S. Joyette

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