A Sweet Potato Research project is currently underway by the Caribbean Agriculture Research and Development Institute (CARDI). CARDI’s local representative Donowa Jackson said the project, which is designed to strengthen sweet potato production, is beginning to show good results.

His comments came as the API visited the Caribbean Agriculture Research and Development Institute’s field office at Orange Hill where significant sweet potato research is underway. The research is being conducted under the the Regional Sweet Potato Value Chain Enhancement and Technology Transfer Project which is funded by the Caribbean Development Bank.

According to Jackson, sweet potato production here faces many challenges and the project seeks to introduce varieties and techniques designed to combat these challenges which included the impacts of pests and climate change.

Jackson added that while research work is still ongoing so far, the Jackson and Rasta vines variety have been doing quite well with minimal impact from pests.

He added that this good result could be attributed to the CARDI’s recommended management practices.



SOURCE: Agency For Public Information

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