The area of Top Hill, Richmond is expected to join other notable communities as a significant player in this country’s agriculture sector.

Representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Medicinal Cannabis Authority visited the area on Tuesday, 11th April, 2023.

Under the Top Hill Lasham project, a road was cut providing access to around 400 acres of land.

The project will provide some 47 farmers, some of whom are traditional cannabis farmers, with land, which they can use to engaged in legal agriculture as well as to plant new crops.

Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar said this project will significantly boost the capacity of farmers to produce food crops as well as to ensure traditional cannabis farmers are fully incorporated into the medicinal cannabis industry.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer of the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Medicinal Cannabis Authority Dr. Jerrol Thompson said the Top Hill area is earmarked for a Cannabis Authority Field Office which will provide traditional farmers in the area with a variety of services.


SOURCE: National Broadcasting Corporation

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