The Ministry of Agriculture is thanking everyone who continues to play an active role in ensuring that Saint Vincent and the Grenadines' National Bird, the Amazona Guildingi, does not go extinct.

The statement was made by Director of Forestry, Mr. Fitzgerald Providence, following the hatching of a parrot chick, known as a fledgling, during the month of May, at the Nichols Wildlife Complex, located in the Botanical Gardens.

Mr. Providence said that since 2010, the country has experienced a number of severe weather events, but results show this has not significantly affected the population of 'Vincy' parrots.

He is also thanking the farmers across the country who continue to donate food to feed the parrots at the Nichols Wildlife Complex.

Mr. Providence also thanked the custodians who have been rearing 'Vincy' parrots privately since before 1979, because they too ensure the survival of the national bird.


 SOURCE: National Broadcasting Corporation


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