Earlier this month, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines welcomed a new addition to the family of its national Bird, the Amazona Guildingi.

The Ministry of Agriculture states that the “Vincie Parrots”, as they are affectionately known, are housed at the Nichols Wildlife Complex located in the Botanical Gardens and earlier this month the family of national birds welcomed an addition to the fold with the hatching of a parrot chick otherwise known as a fledgling.

Director of Forestry, Fitzgerald Providence said the Amazona Guildingi is a symbol of national pride and much more and they are proud to see the animals procreating.

He said the newborn birds are delicate and require expert handling and because of their importance as a national emblem, extra special care is given to these majestic birds.

Mr. Providence adds that they continue to monitor the National Birds which live in the wild.

Meanwhile, employee at the Botanic Gardens, Hazeleene Stapleton-Ellis said the new parrot now brings the number of parrots at the Nichols Wildlife Complex to thirty.

She said these birds are tended to daily by skilled and experienced caretakers as they work assiduously to ensure that they are around for future generations.


SOURCE: National Broadcasting Corporation

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