Promote the use of modern/appropriate agricultural technology, equipment and machinery in increasing the productivity while at the same time conserving the intrinsic productivity of the agricultural land in St Vincent and the Grenadines.


The use of a more scientific, and collaborative approach, in describing and addressing the issues of land degradation.  Greater research in the management issues of agricultural technology and machinery.

Programme Objectives

To adapt and validate technology in support of the diversification effort.  To modernize the agricultural sector thus improving its competitiveness.  To make available valid technologies aimed at improving the production and marketing of agricultural produce and to assist farmers.

To validate new and existing technologies for efficient crop production, propagate plants, provide technical support in soil management, and implementation strategies to manage exotic plant pests.

Strategic Priorities 2017

  1. Ensure availability of clean tissue culture planting material, Vegetable Seedlings and Tree crops to all propagation stations.
  2. Capitalize on new machineries and infrastructure invested under ICDF project for mass production (composting, Bio-fertilizer production) and Bioreactors for mass propagation of tissue culture plants.
  3. Increase revenue from sale of vegetable seedling by decentralizing the distribution points to include New Grounds, Dumbarton, and Wallilabou propagation stations.
  4. Develop and implement a marketing plan for probiotics;
  5. Ensure good Customer service
  6. Knowledgeable staff
  7. Affordable prices
  8. Great location
  9. Quantity and quality of plants, seedlings, trees and sapling"

Target Audience

  • Farmers
  • Extension Officers
  • Policy Makers
  • Research Institutions
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ext. no.
office.agriculture@mail.gov.vc, agricomsvg@gmail.com