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What to Do During a Hurricane

  • Do not go outside unless it is absolutely necessary.


  • When the winds get very strong, you are in danger of being hit by flying objects.


  • Children should not be taken outside, since they may be in danger of being blown away.


  • If you are away from home, remain where you are until the hurricane has passed. Many people have lost their lives trying to go from one place to another.


  • Keep a hurricane lamp burning, as it may make the night more tolerable.


  • If the house shows signs of breaking up, stay under a table or stand in a sturdy closet.


  • Be prepared for material falling from the ceiling.


  • If your glass windows have not been boarded up, place a large heavy object in front of the window to protect yourself and others from splintering glass.


  • Be calm! Your ability to act logically is important.


  • Listen to the radio for information on what is happening.